What You Read Now, Is What We Were Then!

This is a journey through our own journey through our one on one laptops. We want our VOICE to be heard. Thanks for listening!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

What one on one Laptops means to me

When I think about the past, everything is different. The way I learned, what I do with my free time. These computers made me see the future more than anything else really could. It's changed my learning so much. I know way more about the computers, I feel more confident going into the real world. I feel proud to be able to enjoy these laptops. Some people may disuse the privilege of having the computers, but that doesn't stop them from learning about them, some cases, disuse of the computers just means learning more about them. I am so lucky to have these computers and be able to learn like this. So I think that the meaning of this blog is to tell other people what I learn, and different ways that I learn it. To show how these are helping me and teaching me new things. I just want to thing everyone who is apart of this opportunity for me and all other kids whose education has changed in the best way it could. Thank you!


  1. Hello Ali and Summer,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog entry. I feel that it explains the excitement and skills that you are getting from the "Van Meter One-to-One Laptop" approach.
    I have been following your school's Library Blog and know that in John, Deron and Shannon you have some great teacher leaders.
    You are really fortunate in studying at one of the most forward looking and advanced schools in the world.
    Your voice is being heard. I live in Great Britain, not far from the great city of London and I'm sure your blog will be read all over the world.
    Well done for what you have done so far and keep up the good work!

  2. This looks great! Remember when we did blogs in class? think about including pages on each subject and telling about how you're learning in each one, or the cool stuff you can do that other students in other districts can't. It would be great to see your projects too. Miss ya!