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Friday, December 4, 2009

A-Z Box of Tricks

A-Z Box of Tricks is a lot like 2009 Top Technology Tools because it has many websites that can be very useful, but on this website it is in alphabetical order. Most of this stuff will be in the blog, but some of it won't be. Well, it might be a while until we get all of it on here, so I would check it out. If you need a cool website to do something on and we haven't posted a post on blog, then just look at this website and it will be really helpful.

2009 Top Technology Tools

2009 Top Technology Tools is a great website to check out and try really cool websites that can help you in school. It has a list of websites that you can look through all the way to youtube to Edmodo. Its pretty cool, but most of the websites we will be introducing you to will be on there. It might take less time to look at our blog, but if you need a website with something we have not told you about, you can just go onto this one and find one that fits your needs.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009